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LEGO Catapult

Online Activity: Fun with LEGOs Part 2

Join Clayton our Americorp MarkerSpace Coordinator to learn how to make a LEGO Catapult! Clayton explains and demonstrates all the steps it takes to make your very own working catapult.


Before you begin you’ll need to gather these LEGOS in addition to two small rubber bands:

Base: 8×16 Plate, 6×8 rectangle brick, 6x 1×4 technic bricks, 2x 1×8 technic bricks, 2x 1×6 technic bricks, 2x 1×8 bricks, 2×6 brick, 2x 2×2 plates, 2×8 plate, 2x 1×4 plates Basket: 4x 2×6 plates, 4×6 plate, 4x 1×4 bricks, 2x 1×6 bricks, 2x 1×6 technic bricks, 2x long blue connectors Basket Lift Arm: 6 stud axle, 2x small bushings, 2x large bushings, 2×3 plate, 2x 1×6 plates, 2x 1×3 bricks, 2x 1×4 bricks, 2x 1×4 technic bricks, 1×16 technic brick Arm:12 stud axle, 2x large bushings, 2x long blue connectors, 12x black connectors, 2x 1×3 lift arms, 2x 1×7 lift arms, 2x 3×5 lift arms

Be sure to share a picture of your LEGO creation with us in the comments section on social. We can’t wait to see what you made!

For another fun DIY Catapult video with Clayton watch this video

To learn about our 1920s Apple Sorter featuring a catapult mechanism watch this video

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