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Help us find photos of past commissioners

Public Call for Chelan County Commissioner Portraits

The Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center’s curatorial team is working on a project with Chelan County to install portraits of past Commissioners in an exhibit at the courthouse. The Museum is asking the public for help locating photographs of a number of Commissioners, particularly the earlier ones.

If you would like to help with this project please review the list of Commissioners below and submit photos to WVMCC Curator of Education Anna Holman. You can reach Anna at or by calling 509-888-6254. We have only listed those Commissioners that we either have not located an image of, or those that the images we have found are very low resolution.


A H McArthur (R) 1905-1906
Al Kronschnabel (R) 1977-1980
Archie Smith (D) 1937-1942
Art Garton (D) 1935-1940
C F Keiser (R) 1929-1930
C J Trow (R) 1909-1910
Claude A Hower (R) 1963-1970
David H Davis (R) 1970-1976
Dennis Strong (R) 1900-1902
E C Long (R) 1919-1924
E M Gillette (R) 1911-1916
Earl Marcellus  (R) 1995-1998
Fred W Nierman (R) 1971-1974
G B Kinney (D) 1909-1912
H W Otis (R) 1907-1908
Harry Harn (R) 1973-1976
Henry Woldtvet (R) 1962
I A Van Valkenburgh (R) 1931-1934
J A Wilson (R) 1925-1930
J H Miller (R) 1923-1928
James L Young (D) 1975-1990
Joe F Lester (R) 1941-1946
John Hunter (D) 1999-2002
John Wall (R) 1981-1996
Joseph Darnell (R) 1907-1908
K P Sexton (R) 1947-1950
Leon E Cronk (R) 1941-1944
Loyd Bosma (R) 1949-1954
Matt Hickey (Prog.) 1913-1918
R A McKeller (R) 1943-1948
Ralph Dunning (D) 1935-1940
Ron Meyers (R) 1991-1994
Spencer Boyd (R) 1900-1904
Stewart Johnson (R) 1921-1926
T W Cowan (R) 1911-1916
Thomas A Green (R) 1977-1996
Thos. P Cowan (R) 1933-1934
W A Galbraith (R) 1946-1951
W Ed Hinman (R) 1903-1904
W J Taylor (R) 1927-1932
WA Sanders (R) 1906-1907

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