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Upcoming PNW Treasures Tours with Randy Lewis – 5/25/2024

Wenatchee, Wash. – (May 24, 2023) The Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center invites you to two PNW Treasures Tours with local native storyteller Randy Lewis.

On Saturday, June 8, embark on a captivating journey through the Pacific Northwest, delving into the stunning landscapes and rich history of the Columbia River, the Methow Valley, and the iconic Liberty Bell. Starting at 8:45 AM, travelers will begin their journey at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center before departing on their adventure.

Throughout the tour, Randy will captivate you with his infectious enthusiasm and charming anecdotes of growing up in our local Indigenous community, stopping at Azwell Dam, and hearing firsthand from Randy about his homelands and the personal significance of this area. Later on, guests will stop at the Pateros monument to learn about the local people, their history, and their contributions to the region.

1934 Washington State Highway Department aerial photograph of Methow Valley from Pateros. Source: WVMCC.

The photo is mounted on a 11″ x 9″ hardboard. Noted as: “Methow Valley” dated July 1949 by Chester C. Kimm. Scene is of sheep grazing in a fenced pasture with a house and cottonwood trees in the background and a tree covered hill on the skyline. There is 1 extra unmounted copy. Source: WVMCC

B.W.; South Fork Methow River. Source: WVMCC

On Saturday, September 14, starting at 8:45 AM, an unforgettable journey awaits as you experience the beauty of Wanapum culture at the Wanapum Heritage Center and wander through the ancient remnants of the Ginkgo Petrified Forest.

Randy Lewis will serve as your knowledgeable and passionate guide, offering valuable insights and fostering meaningful connections with the sites and the people who call them home. Prepare to be inspired by the beauty, history, and cultural richness of Washington State’s remarkable landscapes.

Noted on back: “Vantage, Washington—Petrified Forest: On the grounds of Ginkgo Petrified Forest in central Washington State Park, Park official shows two young visitors remains of a prehistoric tree, which once thrived in Washington. On the grounds of the Gingko Museum, located 26 miles east of Ellensburg, are 100 petrified logs-including the only known prehistoric specimens of the Oriental Ginkgo tree. More than 200 varieties of trees have been uncovered at the park. For some 10 to 30 million years the trees were covered by molten lava, according to archeologists, with wind, rain and river action later exposing the petrified treasures. Ginkgo Museum is situated on a sage-covered hill overlooking the Columbia River.” Scene is of a man pointing at a feature on a petrified stump with two children looking on. There are 3 extra 10 x 8″ copies without the text on the back. Source: WVMCC

Depictions of Central Washington Indian life Wanapum. Photographer Grace Esther Christianson Gardner, 1890 – 1968. Source: WVMCC.

Noted on back: “Vista of an ice-age land – in Washington State.” This view is from Gingko Petrified Forest Museum overlooking the small community of Vantage along the Columbia River in central Washington. This is desert country, dry and clear, with lovely mild spring weather from March and April on, and long Indian summers lasting in October. The museum is a tourist “must”, containing beautiful displays of petrified wood from the forests that covered this barren area in millenniums past. The face of the cliffs on the east side of the river tell the story of the past in their layers of lava. North of here, to Ephrata and beyond, lies the nature-carved Sun Lakes country, where the glacier damned Columbia River, a mammoth stream, was diverted from its normal path to cut great gorges, called “coulees”, in the land. Today’s remains are strikingly visible at “Dry Falls”, part of Sun Lakes State Park.” Photo by Washington State Department of Commerce and Economic Development. There are 3 extra copies with text on back Note: This photo taken prior the construction of the Wanapum dam below Vantage. Source: WVMCC

Each tour costs $90 for members and $110 for non-members. Registration is required. Those interested in registering for these tours can go here or call our front desk at (509)-888-6240. Keep an eye on your email for information on what to bring for this all-day adventure. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for upcoming events and updates.

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The Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center’s mission is to gather, engage, and educate people to celebrate and preserve the history, arts, sciences, and rich diversity of our region. The Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates with the support of the cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee.

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