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Museum-to-You Boxes

These self-contained educational kits contain objects and activity guides for hands-on learning, designed to supplement classroom curricula or provide a club activity. Each box contains an Educator’s Guide. The Museum offers 10 boxes on natural history and 5 boxes on cultural history. Teachers may reserve these boxes for up to three weeks by calling (509) 888-6243. Two weeks’ notice is suggested, as reservations are made on a first-come, first served basis. The fee is $15.00 per week. Descriptions of the boxes are below.

Natural History Museum-to-You Boxes

Bird Box: Soar into the wonderful world of birds with this introductory box. Includes specimens, feathers, nests, eggs and books.Birds of Prey: Investigate the features and ecology of Washington’s eagles, hawks and owls. Includes specimens, owl pellet dissection and activities.

Butterfly: Investigate beautiful butterflies and their important place in our ecosystem. Includes specimens, activities and poster.

Elk: Examine the biology of elk and their surrounding environment. Includes specimens, activities and posters.

Fin Bin and Wild Salmon: Explore the life cycle of salmon. Includes specimens, activities and videos. In September, reservation is limited to one week.

Plant Discovery: Explore the rich plant life of Eastern Washington. Includes curriculum, posters, books and models.

Plants for People: Take a tour of the natural “grocery store” found in plants growing on the Columbia Plateau. Includes DVD presentation, Powerpoint, plant samples, poster and activities.

Water and Bug: Examine life above and below the water line. Includes curriculum, posters and water-quality test kits.

Wildfire: Learn about wildfire behavior and the role of wildfire in the Eastern Cascades ecosystem. Includes artifacts, CDs, books and activities.

Wolf Box: Use skulls, hides, tracks and scat to examine the magnificent, and often maligned, wolf. Includes specimens and reference books.

Cultural History Museum-to-You Boxes

Clovis Culture: Use archaeological data from the internationally recognized East Wenatchee Clovis Site to learn about people who lived on the Columbia Plateau 11,000 years ago. Includes artifact replicas, bones and maps.

Trading Post: This lively reader’s theater play introduces the fur traders, Native Americans, Chinese miners and settlers who came through Wenatchee’s Miller-Freer Trading Post in the 1880s. Includes script, costumes and artifacts.

Wenatchi Culture: Learn about the resilient, resourceful culture of the Wenatchi Indian people and their yearly cycle of life. Includes script, artifacts and activities.

Visit with Mrs. Johnson: Investigate Central Washington dry-land farming and water use around 1905. Includes script, costumes, artifacts and activities.

Visit with Mrs. Tibbets: Discover the impact of water on turn-of-the-century life along our local rivers. Includes script, costumes and artifacts.

To discuss a customized docent tour or educational program, contact the museum at (509) 888-6243 or by emailing