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Artistic Creations with Watercolors

Online Art Classes: Artistic Creations with Watercolors (ENGLISH)

Join local artist Martha Flores as she demonstrates how to paint with watercolors. In this video, you’ll learn watercolor techniques using salt and wax, and how to paint magnified, colorful flowers like Georgia O’Keeffe!


To get started, you’ll need watercolors, paper, salt and a crayon.

How does salt change the way watercolors look? As the washes dry, the salt crystals suck up pigment gradually, creating a myriad of light star-like shapes. Experiment with various types of salt: table salt (iodized and non-iodized), sea salt, rock salt, kosher salt, etc. Will larger-grained salt produce a different effect?

Learn more about Georgia O’Keeffe at:

Be sure to share a photo of your creation with us in comments on social. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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