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Online Tutorial: Backyard Nature Journaling

Online Tutorial: Backyard Nature Journaling

Join K-Art teacher Lindsay Bridenthal with the Wenatchee Art Education Consortium as she shows us how to create a Field Journal. In this video she explains what to include in a good journal entry and demonstrates the art of observation. All you need to get started is paper and a pencil.


Backyard Nature Journaling is recording observations of nature. It helps us pay attention to our surroundings and is a great family activity that engages the natural curiosity of children while developing an appreciation for nature.

Once you get started, be creative and think of other things you might include in your journal. Some ideas are:

  • Leaf and tree rubbings
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Poetry
  • Quotes
  • Pressed flowers
  • Nature stamp art: collect rocks, acorns, and other hard objects, then dip them in paint and use as stamps.
  • Lists of birds, flowers and insects you have observed.
  • Photographs
  • Record animal tracks seen in your yard or on a nature walk. Try to identify them.
  • Seeds to plant: when planting your yard, tape a seed to the page and draw or glue a picture of the plant next to it once it has grown.

This video was produced in partnership with the Wenatchee Arts Education Consortium. Learn more at:

We’d love to see what you observe while Backyard Nature Journaling so be sure to share a photo with us in the comments on social!

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