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Reopening for Business Leaders

Reopening Q&A Session for Business Leaders

The Wenatchee Valley Museum held a live Q&A Session for Business Leaders on Zoom and Facebook on June 24. We were joined by Sasha Sleiman, Government Affairs Director, Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce; Linda Haglund, Executive Director, Wenatchee Downtown Association; and Dr. Greg Ledgerwood, Local Healthcare Consultant. The panelists addressed questions about how to reopen or run local businesses during COVID-19, including resources for business leaders, safety plans, masking requirements, phasing guidance, safety procedures and protocols, and more.


Below are resources they provided during the forum:

Governor Inslee’s Reopening Guidance for Businesses and Workers:

COVID-19 resources from the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce: kIKdEocuI5xddapuJWn TUZcDvX2ZlvfqiBB9XAhmVWZ LhUySQ

Wenatchee Valley Chamber Toolkit for Reopening:

Wenatchee Downtown Association Email:

Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce Email:

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