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Salmon Bake

Salmon Bake – A Virtual Celebration

Join us virtually as Wenatchi/P’squosa elder Randy Lewis presents a traditional blessing of water and salmon. One of the Plateau tribes’ most significant ceremonies is the First Salmon Feast, marking the arrival of salmon to traditional fishing grounds. Lewis, the great-great-grandson of Sam Miller, founder of the Miller-Freer Trading Post, the anchor to the original City of Wenatchee, will retell origin stories related to the Creator’s calling of a grand council of the plants and animals to help feed and care for the newest of creations: humans.

Wenatchee Valley Museum members are invited to participate in a feast of salmon, part of the traditional tribal religion in the Columbia Basin that reinforces the central role salmon and water play for Columbia Basin tribal people in your own home. With a series of videos, we will lead you through building a traditional fire pit as well as preparing and cooking the salmon. Randy will then present the traditional blessing live and you are invited to participate via Zoom.

Wenatchi/P’squosa Origin Story:
Wenatchi/P’squosa Salmon Bake Preparation:
Salmon Bake – Live Blessing of Water and Salmon:

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