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Celebrating the Burke Hill Apartments

May 24, 2023 –

For Preservation Month, we’d like to celebrate the Burke Hill Apartments! The Burke Hill was built in 1930 and is located on Okanogan Ave.
“Safeguarding the community’s history, culture and preserving old methods of craftmanship at the Burke Hill Apartments help preserve the heritage, keep Wenatchee’s identify intact and fosters a sense of community pride. Historical preservation also has economic benefits such as reduced waste, carbon footprint, cost-effective rehab opportunities all while offering a unique living space at a reasonable price. These buildings were built to last with materials that are no longer available, such as old growth timber, mahogany doors and vintage fixtures. It’s been a pleasure and honor to help preserve the integrity of the Burke Hill Apartments and I hope the time and effort put into maintaining this structure will be enjoyed by generations to come.” – Mike Fleming, Burke Hill Owner
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