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Curiosities from the Museum: Calf Weaner – 1/9/2024

Written by Collections Manager Anna Spencer

Over the years at the Wenatchee Valley Museum, there have been some odd and strange things that have been donated to the collection. While currently there is a screening process and procedures in place for donating items, this wasn’t always the case. We occasionally find oddities lying around for years gone by with little or no explanations.

Like this one! While some may see this as a trendy fashion accessory, it actually has more of a use to Old McDonald. This object is called a “calf weaner.” No, not that kind of wiener! This halter object was used in the 1800’s to help farmers wean calves off of nursing on their mothers. Imagine mom taking one poke and saying “no more, you’re done!”

Please note: This story was originally published in the Comet Magazine in April of 2022. Check out more stories like these at the Comet Magazine.

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