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Curiosities from the Museum: Hair Art – 4/3/2024

Over the years at the Wenatchee Valley Museum, there have been some odd and strange things that have been donated to the collection. While currently there is a screening process and procedures in place for donating items, this wasn’t always the case. We occasionally find oddities lying around from years gone by with little or no explanations.

To the untrained eye this piece may look like an unassuming floral embroidery but if you take a closer look, things are not as they seem. This piece of art was made from the hair of a human, and whoever it belonged to is most likely long passed, but whether that be before or after the creation of this piece remains unknown. Making pieces of art like this one that now sits in the Museum collection was a popular trend in the 19th Century, many of which were made from the hair of deceased loved ones. Whether viewed as sacred or morbid, we are unsure if this piece is an example of that type of work.

Please note: This story was originally published in the Comet Magazine in August of 2022. Check out more stories like these in the Comet Magazine.

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